The firm, MAGELLAN GROUP was founded in 2000 by Michael Hautmann. He offered this company his knowledge of management a business company, which had investment finances available to the amount of 80 million €. The company specialized in areas of foodstuff - discount, real estates, administration and logistics and, furthermore, in the branch of building and running a discount-store chain in the Czech Republic and abroad. MAGELLAN GROUP was founded as a private investment and mediating company doing business in the field of development and building commercial centers.MAGELLAN GROUP is a private company. Its owner acts independently, separately and off his own accord. He adheres to the rules of private enterprise, authority, security and efficiency. The firm is mainly concentrated on setting up foodstuff supermarkets, which cover an area of about 1000 m2. MAGELLAN GROUP usually carries out the project from the beginning whereby they obtain a building plot, they provide the working project, carry out the construction of the building and finally they hand over the key to the completed building to the customer. The success of the company with long-lasting experience with highly rationalized projects, standardized, verified rental contracts and a clear business structure speaks for itself. The associated companies issue their own invoices and run their own risk. Only those projects are realized that have the most lucrative position and assured rentals agreed from the top enterprisers in the branch. This gives the maximal security either enterprisers or financers.
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